Bad news, Fuji says no to save the FP-100

These are the last & bad news from Francesco Gasperini from the page Save Fujifilm FP100 Instant Films:

Hi guys!
Today is a very sad day for the photography...
During the last days i was hoping for an happy ending of this analog story even though the situation was complicated since the begin. The first reply from Fuji was something strange but i've never thought that it could reveals what i'm writing now. Well, Fuji has replied to our second letter and they said this:"...we cannot now change our decision. Thus, we respectfully decline your proposals. "
These words are unbelievable!
They don't care to leave the world's FP100 users with nothing in their hands. They don't care to be reponsible for the death of an iconic photographic format of the 20th century. They don't care to betray their faithful users who have bought their products until yesterday. We cannot understand their decision to refuse all of our proposals. Why! We gave them proposals with a total costs coverage and they said: "No, we are sorry guys, we don't care about you and your passion" and they have showed us their middle finger.
I'm very frustrated in this moment.
My friend Florian Kaps are determined to keep on fighting against this decision and i really appreciate this but i think that we have done the maximum to save this films and speaking again with a deaf and indifferent management is completely useless.Thank you all for supporting me and Florian and all the others who have tried to do something beside this cause. So i'll keep on informing you about every future developments but i'm honest and i sadly say: "I'm sorry guys, we were not able to save our beloved Fp100 films. This is it."

So now call your best Fuji FP dealer and get your own film stock because the price are going to grow a lot as we saw years ago with the Polaroid Type 55. This is the last instant color film pack avaliable for old Polaroid Land Cameras and large format view cameras so now we can talk about the end of a era. It was nice while it lasted.